Strategy-Driven Transformation, Digital Transformation, Culture-Driven Transformation, Performance Turnaround Transformation

SSP Transformative Solutions works with executive leaders, teams and individuals to help companies embrace and succeed in an era of unprecedented change.  We bring extensive experience in change management and transformation work to effectively deliver solutions across your Strategy, Structure and People to achieve successful transformation and your business goals.

We provide a range of consulting services to customize to your transformation needs, which include:

  • Current Assessment and Analysis of Strategy, Transformation and Change Efforts

  • Facilitation and/or Development of Strategy and Transformation Recommendations

  • Execution of Strategy ad Transformation Recommendations including Process, Planning and Support


Strategic Services

  • Vision Alignment

  • Strategy Development

  • Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Total Company Marketing & Sales Pitch Development

  • Gap Analysis & Planning of Current vs. Future State Business Needs


Structure Services

  • Skill & Competency Identification of Current vs. Future State Jobs

  • Organizational Effectiveness Strategy

  • Organization Design & Structure Optimization

  • Matrix Structure & Goal Alignment

  • Team Structure Optimization

  • Culture & Engagement

People Services

  • Succession Planning & Talent Reviews

  • New Leader Onboarding

  • High Performing Team Facilitation

  • B6 Strategies (Buy, Build, Borrow, Bounce, Balance, Bind)

  • Individual / 360 Assessments

  • Executive & Peer Coaching

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Learning & Development / Corporate University